All of life comes to me with ease and joy and glory

13 July - 12 August "The Awesome Morning Club" Online

13 July – 12 August 2020

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Awesome Morning to you!

Can you still remember how it felt to wake up and be totally happy and excited? A new day started!

That is the energy of an Awesome Morning.

How would it be to wake up wondering what beautiful gifts will come your way today?

Regain your enthusiasm for each new day. Wake up and have this feeling of excitement, this tingling curiosity of what the new gift will be to start your day with. With fresh energy. With friends that are there for you, sharing your experiences, sharing your thoughts. And if you are someone who prefers to just be happily silent and enjoying the company, that too is totally fine.
There are no “must do”, only sheer joy of doing.

Make your mornings great again!

Just you and this awesome Moment on this crisp and joyful daybreak.

What can you expect?

We will greet you each morning with a fresh new tool and energy to start your day with.

A different theme each day to change as many aspects of the dullness, heaviness and sadness of what your days used to be.

What can a little extra energy and joy in the morning change for you?