30 Days How to become Money


Welcome to 30 Days with the “How to Become Money Workbook” from Gary Douglas!

Starting on August 15, for 30 days we will together answer the questions from the workbook every day.

What does money mean to you? Let’s find out!

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Are you never able to get through the questions in the “How to become money workbook” more than once or twice? And at the same time wondering what would change if you did them for a longer period of time?

Join me for 30 days with answering the questions every day!
We will meet on Facebook, in a closed group were we will answer the questions, clear what shows up and support the change.
Every day there will be a Facebook live if you want to answer the questions together with others. Short and sweet – no endlessly long meetings 😀

We start on August 15th, 2019!

Let’s all become money!

You will receive:

  • 1 Zoom call to kick off on August 15, 2019
  • Daily Facebook Live where we answer the questions from the book and clear whatever shows up
  • Closed Facebook group to ask questions and connect with me and all participants
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