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When someone pulls the trigger…

How to deal with your anxiety One Saturday afternoon, back in 2018. I’m at a friend’s house. We are just hanging out, drinking coffee, chatting. Later we will be making dinner and maybe watch a movie. It’s pretty chill and we are having a great time. My phone pings. It’s my client. The only one I had back then. The

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4 Steps To Get What You Want Without The Stress And Hustle

Everyone out there seemingly wants two things: More money, or more time. Especially in the creator community this translates into posts, tweets and threads that tell you «How to make a fortune in 30 minutes» or «How I gained a billion followers with these 3 simple tricks». Spoiler alert: One trick is to buy them. Don’t believe me? Watch «Fake

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How to fill your days with joyful activities

Ship30 for 30 is a writing course designed to get you to write every day for 30 days. More importantly, it pushes you to publish your writings daily too. No more hiding, get your stuff out there. I attended my first cohort in January 2022 and was hooked. I ventured on to the next stage, the Captain’s Table, to keep

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Law of attraction

How to use the law of attraction to live quietly

Your thoughts shape your life On 26 March 2006, the movie «The secret» premiered. In case you haven’t seen it, the movie outlines the greatest secret of our times – The Law of Attraction. This law states that you attract what you are thinking about and what you match vibrationally. The movie was a great success. I too was a

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Problems grow

How problems grow until they can’t be fixed

I am often astonished about the type of problems people have. Maybe you have noticed that too. They often don’t even have “real” problems like not enough money, or their relationship is falling apart. No, it’s navel gazing to the nth degree. Everything that happens to them needs to be scrutinized into the tiniest atomic particle. From there they have

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#15: Dreams are good, projects are better

How to make your dreams come true I struggled writing this edition of the newsletter. I already had one draft from a few weeks ago. Then I wrote 2 more. None of them “felt” right to send out today. So what is going on? My life is in a bit of turmoil – in a good way. I made some

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#13: Sleeping 9 to 5… The best ways to get enough sleep

Sleep is the foundation for a stress-free life. When you are well rested, you can tackle anything. A relaxed body supports a still mind. And with the still mind comes efficient productivity and a quiet life. I admit, I never had any trouble sleeping. Even during the most traumatic times in my life I would sleep like a baby. Getting rest

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Everything Has A Silver Lining – Even A Broken Arm

On Monday, I broke my arm. I was running down the stairs, eager to get the garbage out before my next meeting. I slipped on a step, and fell, landing on my hand.  I ignored the pain and carried on. The next morning the arm was swollen and could not stretch all the way.  I went to the ER, and

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5 things to do when others impose their stress on you

Working as a freelancer is great. If it weren’t for the other people you have to work with. You see, as a freelancer you – in theory – can dictate your own hours. Early mornings, or late nights, whatever floats your boat and fits your current life and desires. And sometimes your client or team workers have different ideas. This week

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