Hi, my name is Yvonne!

Yvonne Gerner

Here is the one thing I cannot not do – whenever I explore a new workflow, or any work task, I have to streamline it and make it the most efficient possible. I’m also a gatherer of information and I never stop learning.

When combining these superpowers I can easily reduce the amount of time spent on any task by 50%. In my work as a Virtual Assistant this comes in handy, as I have several clients and juggling all these tasks effortlessly is required.

For the last 15 years I have actively researched and tested out productivity hacks, and I still feel like a novice. Productivity and getting the most out of my time is still one of my biggest fields of interest, as I have this never-ending sense of urgency, that life is short, and if I don’t live it intentionally and to the fullest, I will regret it so much when I draw my last breath.

My love for productivity hacks went all wrong when I first started out. I worked a full-time corporate job, trying to build up a business on the side and used all the hacks, tips and tools against me. I crammed more and more into my days, as I wanted so much! In the end, I burnt out in 2012 and spend the next 2 years on the sofa, often not knowing up and down on myself.

When I finally got back on my feet the productivity hacks became even more important. For me it’s no longer about getting more and more done in a day, I’m not advocating 16 hour work days. In my case it’s about getting all the necessary tasks done in as short time as possible, so I can enjoy the remaining hours, and ensure I get enough rest.

Stress became my nemesis, and I’m using every day to keep it at bay. I’m planning my days, I say no to things that are not essential for my goals. I sleep enough, I exercise moderate, I get fresh air and eat as healthy as possible while aiming for tasty. I eliminate clutter and distractions as I go, and turn my life and my home in this peaceful, relaxed oasis.

This is what I do:

  • I’m a life coach, inspiring and mentoring people to live their best life possible, so they are empowered to take action on their goals; they are content with their achievements and happy throughout the day.
  • I’m a Virtual Assistant for several Access Consciousness Certified Facilitators
  • I just started blogging on this website – mostly it will be posts about productivity, food, general life hacks and organizing your home and life
  • I post on Instagram about the same topics
  • I also post landscape photos on Instagram, these days they are mostly taken on walks around my home town, Oslo.
This is me, nerding around with my laptop


  • Born and raised in Germany
  • Moved to Oslo, Norway in 1998
  • Constantly learning new stuff
  • I speak 3 languages fluently
  • Talk to ghosts, plants and  objects
  • Love knitting