Access Foundation

What if it is your points of view that create your


The Access Consciousness Foundation is a 4-day class that will introduce you to the tools of Access Consciousness. 

We will discover and excavate the lies and limitations that are currently creating your life and living. Going forward you will have choice to create different possibilites for you. Your life will no longer be determined by the past, and ypu will create different futures. 

If you are one of the dreamers that always knew that something else must be possible, than this class is for you.

With these tools you will be able to create change in any area of your life. You will no longer be bound by the limitiations of this realiy. Without any limitations you are free to choose, and you can choose and choose again as often as you like. 

What could you be and contribute to the planet if you had no past, no limitations, nothing that holds you back? You are the leader of your life, and with these tools you will start to see what is possible for you and everyone around you.

Join us for the 4 most magiacl days in your life, and find out that not even the stars are the limit, you can have the whole universe if that is what you desire!

Access Foundation Class

Duration: 4 Days
Includes countless pragmatic tools and 3 body processes

Price: 13.000 NOK / 1400 €