#15: Dreams are good, projects are better

How to make your dreams come true

I struggled writing this edition of the newsletter.

I already had one draft from a few weeks ago. Then I wrote 2 more. None of them “felt” right to send out today.

So what is going on?

My life is in a bit of turmoil – in a good way.

I made some bold choices this week. It’s nothing life-changing; I’m not quitting my job or moving across the country. The only thing I did was book 2 trips. They have both been on my list for a while.

I’ve put them off telling myself:

  • I can’t afford it
  • It’s not the right time
  • I’m not brave enough to go on my own


So I raided my travel savings account, mustered all the courage and booked.

In November I will be traveling Bergen-Kirkenes-Bergen for 2 weeks on the coastal ship, looking out for Northern lights and scenic landscapes. And I will spend all of March in a small town in California, surrounded by orange groves.

I’m over the moon excited, and also soiling my pants a bit.

Why are we so reluctant to make our dreams come true?

It seems we need a certain amount of unfulfilled dreams and unfinished tasks.

As long as there is something on the list, we are not done. We tell ourselves that we have all the time in the world still. But in secret we are afraid that we don’t, and that one day we look at the lists only to realize that we will not get this done.

Not the tasks, and not the dreams.

Have we misunderstood the concept of abundance and scarcity?

We try to convince ourselves that we have abundant with time.

At the same time we shorten the amount of experiences we can have. I’m curious to see how the opposite approach will play out. Let’s choose abundance of experiences, because time is fleeting and scarce.

Why wait for anything?

Approach your dream as a project

Photo by Johanna Zender  on Unsplash

My trip to Ojai, CA has been on my project list for a year.

Due to lockdown and travel restrictions going there seemed impossible. Still, I gave strong signals to the Universe that this is important to me.

  • I started to follow some local businesses on Instagram.
  • In the winter afternoons I would log in to EarthCam to watch the sunrise over the valley.
  • Google maps gave me insights on the various hiking trails.
  • I checked on accommodations, flights, airport shuttles – you name it.

The trip is still 6 months away and I already know where to buy my groceries.

It feels a bit crazy at times. The law of attractions says to “behave like you already have what you desire” in order to attract it into your life. After doing all the above things everything suddenly fell into place.

Now I’m going there and still have to pinch myself regularly.

Are you dreaming or taking action?

Many of my clients work with a self-improvement method called Access Consciousness.

One of their corner stone beliefs is that everything comes down to choice. Choose it, and it will manifest.

I always found that to be too easy.

Maybe I’m wrong, maybe it is that easy. Make a wish, and then it happens. Again and again I see my client\s customers struggle with this.

They choose, then they wait, then they get desperate as nothing shows up.

My question to them would always be “Where is the action supporting your choice?”. These actions don’t have to be enormous or strenuous. Maybe all you have to do right now is search for flights, or check out houses on AirBnB.

Depending on your dream there will always be a tiny action you can take.

  • Research something.
  • Ask a question.
  • Paint a mental picture what your life looks like when you get there.

So, take one of your dreams today and put it on the list for next week.

Look at it every day and ask yourself: What action can I do right now that will make sure this comes to fruition one day in the future? Then act on your impulses.

Before you know it, it will knock on your door.

xo, Yvonne


Don’t fall into the trap to not act on your dreams because you think you have an endless amount of time.

Find a dream, treat it as a project and start taking action towards it now.

Hit reply and let me know – what is your dream, and what’s your first action step?

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