3 reasons reading fiction will make you a better creator and writer

Social media is full of advice about which non-fiction books to read.

Very rarely does someone recommend fiction. It’s all about learning, and doing more and consuming great advice from others.

What if fiction could give you a break and also enhance your creative juices?

Fiction has a different language than non-fiction

It can be poetic, or be very story-driven. The book’s hero will evolve and advance, you as the reader are not told how to do anything. By following along you will collect insights that you can transfer to your own life.

You need to be creative to connect the dots yourself.

The fiction world might look completely different than ours

Everything is possible in a fictive world. Pigs might fly, and the sky might be green. Who knows? That is the beauty of it, a great novel will transport you away from what you see into a realm that comes alive through your imagination.

Training your imagination will make you more creative yourself.

You give your analytical mind a break

Reading fiction is a great way to relax. Apart from letters on a page there is little outside stimulation. Everything happens in your creative mind. The colors, the faces, the surroundings are all created by you, only triggered by the words you are reading.

You are creating this world all on your own.

No one else on the planet will have the same experience as you have while reading the same book.

Use this insight when you compose your next email or presentation. Be as clear as you can so your reader will experience it the way you want them to.

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