5 questions to ask before you start creating that will stop imposter syndrome immediately

What if you never had to deal with imposter syndrome again?

Imposter syndrome is nothing else than your ego taking over, and not in a good way. Your ego covers up your essential being, making you believe you cannot do what you know you are capable of.

Your ego will always seek to prove that you are right and have THE answer.

But like everyone else you are just guessing.

When you create from being yourself instead, the ego has no impact. Your true essence will strive to make the world a better place. There will be no proving, there will only be creating.

Your being will seek to improve your surroundings.

It will not seek to improve you – because you as a being are already perfect.

You recognizing that you are perfect but trying to improve your surroundings will effectively kill the imposter syndrome.

Ask these questions before you start creating to stop imposter syndrome

  • What do I see around me that can be improved?
  • How would I improve it?
  • How will the improvement effect other people?
  • What happens to the world if the improvement takes hold?
  • What do I wish to accomplish with improving this situation?

These questions will silence the imposter in you, as you are no longer telling the world you have the answer.

You are just shining the light on a situation you wish to improve, and sharing your findings with others.

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