3 mistakes part-time creators make planning their day that leaves them stressed

Most people plan their day wrong.

Either they do not plan it all all, or they try to achieve too much. A great plan will take out the guesswork and have you sail smoothly through your day.

3 mistakes people make when planning their day:

You write a to-do list

A long to-do list is not a plan for your day. We usually overestimate what we can achieve in one day, and to get to the bottom of the list we spend all day and half the night.

Rather pick 3-5 projects to work on for a certain amount of time per project.

You miscalculate the time it takes for the task

We underestimate how long a task will take us. Although Parkinson’s law is correct and a task will take as long as the amount of time available, productive people will plan too little time.

Spend a week measuring the time spent on your most usual tasks and get a better understanding.

You forget to plan for breaks

When planning the day we often forget that we need to eat and use the bathroom.

Do yourself a favour and forget eating at your desk while working, it will only result in ulcers. Schedule meal prep time, and treat yourself to sit down and eat without interruption. Your body will thank you.

Being intentional about what you will work on and when is essential to move the needle on any project. Plan your days and you will be amazed how much you will achieve in a week.

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