Fun Facts: Things you might not know about me

  1. I was born in Eastern Germany, in the 70’s.
  2. I don’t have any siblings.
  3. I love cats, and after my 2 cats died, I started a CatB’n’B. Now cats come and vacation in my place when their owners are traveling. Win-win for everyone.
  4. Toilet paper that points the “wrong” way is a big no-no. It does not want to face the wall, no one wants that.
  5. I hate cluttered drawers. Especially junk drawers. Just add some containers and get it organized.
  6. I can help you with the organization, cause I love to do stuff like that.
  7. German is my mother-tongue, and I also speak English and Norwegian fluently.
  8. Norway has been my home country of choice since 1997.
  9. When I climb stairs I always count, in pairs of 4. Don’t ask me why.
  10. I have lived in my apartment for over 20 years. It’s on the second floor, 37 steps up. Told you I count.
  11. My mom’s apartment requires 54 steps to climb.
  12. Reading books is one of my biggest joys. In 2020 I read 41 books.
  13. I wonder if we could access the energy in our bodies and use it to run our cars or heat our apartments. That would be clean energy!
  14. I don’t have a car. I mostly walk where I have to go, or take public transport.
  15. I love lists. They are so satisfying.
  16. I love to travel. Countries visited include: Peru, Bali, Morocco, Costa Rica, Kenya and many more.
  17. Coffee is the one addiction I have a hard time giving up. I’m not even trying.
  18. I have no tv connection. I only watch streaming services, like Netflix.
  19. My all time favorite tv-show is “How I met your mother”. Currently watching for the 5th time.
  20. I can’t decide if I like Neil Patrick Harris more or Jason Segel. It’s a cravat.
  21. That was a HIMYM joke.
  22. I have a Santa figurine on my desk the whole year. He is wearing sun glasses and handing me a gift. Basically he is a cool dude.
  23. In March 2021 I decluttered 500 items from my home.
  24. Minimalism is a lifestyle I’m trying to achieve. I like being surrounded only by things I enjoy and need and really use.
  25. I’m really good at streamlining workflows. In 2019 I got down to 30 minutes to pack a suitcase.
  26. In 2012 I got a severe case of burnout, and was not able to work for 2 years. Thank goodness that’s in the past.
  27. To get a lot done in short amounts of time is my main goal every day. Unless it’s Sunday. Then nothing gets done.
  28. I’m not a very elaborate talker. Just look at how short the facts are.
  29. The Spotify playlist I listen to the most is 47 hours long, and I’m always adding to it.
  30. I loved 2020. The perfect year for introverts like me.

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