Manifest the big stuff

Manifest the REALLY big stuff by being brave

We all want to easily manifest our wishes. But what happens if we keep our desires and wants and asks a secret and hide them even from ourselves? Or if we at least are not willing to acknowledge them, then how is the Universe reacting to this?

Can you manifest something you don’t want to admit that you desire?

Unless you get really clear on what you want to manifest, Universe can’t do shit. Just imagine you have a friend show up at your door, asking you for help. But they never clearly tell you what they need help with. They are trying to hint, hoping that you will understand, but the hints are so vague, you can’t even determine whether it’s a money or a relationship problem.

You keep asking for more information, and the more you ask, the more the person cringes and doesn’t want to tell you. What would you do in this situation?

Probably say: I would love to help you, but unless you tell me in clear words what it is you desire, I can’t even start looking at it. So please, will you be so kind and tell me?

How often has the Universe (creator, God, whatever you call it) looked at you quizzically like that?

I know that I have not been very clear lately, so for once I will be brave. Universe, this is what I want:….. I only deliver it in thought form, I’m so embarrassed asking for this that I can’t even get myself to write it down.

According to Mel Robbins that is the stuff of really good dream goals. Something you are too embarrassed to tell others.

And that is totally ok. We don’t have to shout it from the rooftops that we have completely lost the plot and desire to go for something that everyone would tell us we can’t ever have in a million years.

Telling others would probably ensure that we get so full of self doubt that we will never ask for it again, we would ignore possibilities that would make it happen, we well talk ourselves out of it and that is then really the end of it.

The tricky part is though that you have to tell one person, and that is you. And you have to believe that it is possible to get this. Whatever this is. You can make this happen, all you need is unwavering faith.

The moment you are too embarrassed to even tell yourself what you desire, you have already lost faith. Faith in you, and in the Universe. Probably not the best start to this adventure.

So, don’t tell anyone, let this be between you and the Universe. You know, you have your goal and your dream right in front of you, and you will go for it. You know that the Universe has your back and. It will make anything possible and assist so you can manifest this. Even this, even this weird strange desire you are asking for. The Universe can make anything happen, as long as you believe that it can.

Doubt the universe, and you will not get out of the front door with that wish.

If that dream still scares you with it’s bigness and boldness, just look at it from this angle: I just want to see if I can make this happen.

It’s all just a game. I just want to see if I can make this happen.

So, Universe, let’s see if we can make this one happen. It would be a blast. And please, let me know all the places where I’m in the way of making this happen. Every belief, every doubt, every single bit, please highlight it for me, so we together can look at this and make it disappear.

Let’s clear the rubble off the street that leads to the fulfillment of this dream. Let’s see if we can make this happen.

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