9 ways to engage with your email list without selling​

9 ways to engage with your email list without selling

9 ways to engage with your email list
People are signing up to receive your emails. How do you keep them engaged and turn them into loyal customers, or even better, into life long friends?

Your email list is growing with new potential customers. It is so exiting! 

Of course you want to tell all these amazing people about your product, how great it is and how their lifes will improve when they purchase.

It might seem like a good idea to fill their inbox with promotional emails. The more they know about your product, the more they will be inclined to buy, right?

Do you like to receive emails that are only about selling something? If yes, then promotional emails might be what your email list requires.

I, on the other hand, tend to get bored when people are only selling. This usually results in 2 things:

Either I stop opening the emails and delete them, or I unsubscribe. In both cases I’m not reading your offer, and you won’t sell.

So what if you could convert the people on your list into followers that love your brand? To do so you might want to give them more than the occasional (or way too often) promotional email.

Not sure what that could be? Have a look at the list below to get inspired. Then get some content out there that will have your tribe asking for more!

Valuable advice

One of your clients recently sent you an email, asking you for advice. He might not be the only one with that problem. Use your response in a newsletter and make your whole list happy.

A Blog post you wrote

Let your tribe know whenever you wrote a new blog post. If they are the first ones to know, they will share your content on social media before you get around to!

An Inspirational quote

This is again something you can gift to your list before you share it on social media. If you are using memes and quotes in your promotion let your people have it first. And if you think that a graphic with a quote is not enough for an email, think again. With the information overload these days it’s relaxing to receive an email that invites you to take a breath before powering on.

A Challenge (as part of you next product launch)

Are you using challenges as part of your product launch or to grow your email list? If yes, you can invite people that are already on your list to take part too. They will learn new things from you, which will increase your expert status. This will convert the fence-sitters into purchasing clients eventually!

A Quiz

Are you wondering if your new product hits the spot? What if you let your list take part in a quiz that will gather insight into their problems and how you could contribute to them? Let your list know that you need their help, who could resist that?


You can shower your list with gifts. It doesn’t have to cost you much (or anything at all). You can gift them a coupon to your shop. Or you can cut some soundclips from your live seminars, or online webinars and gift it to them.


You are not much of a writer, but love doing videos? Send the link to your whole list whenever you upload a new video to YouTube. And invite your YouTube subscribers to join your email list so they can enjoy all that you have to offer. Create FOMO (social slang : Fear Of Missing Out)!

Invitation to a free event

Host an event that is exclusive for your list. This can be a free online webinar. If you have a physical shop, you can have a late night opening with snacks and drinks and special offers. Make your subscribers feel loved!

New products

Let your subscribers know what you are working on. Share your process, and ask for their input. Before you know it, they want to buy – and you are not even finished yet!

Shower your list with love and be the valuable friend they can count on. Remember, these people signed up for your list because you have something to offer that they like to have in their lifes. Be present with them, engange with them and they will follow you for a long time.

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